The Manager of AIDF 1 is dedicated to building a sustainable future for its stakeholders. In FY16, the Manager will be embarking on an annual strategic review of sustainability issues that are identified as key concerns of its stakeholders. This review is in line with AIDF 1’s proactive approach to managing operational risks and focusing on key material issues. AIDF 1 will strive to implement best practices and uphold the principles of corporate transparency, disclosure and communication with its stakeholders.

The Manager believes in active engagement with stakeholders, namely its employees, investors, customers and local communities to strengthen existing relationships and align expectations for sustainable business. Communications with stakeholders are focused around consistent themes in improving building performance, enhancing transparency, and demonstration of legal compliance. In line with the principle of materiality, the Manager will continue to supplement its efforts in stakeholder engagement by focusing on sustainability issues material to its business  

Identification of Material Issues

The  Manager have identified  the top five material issues affecting our business are security of properties, security of information, corruption and bribery, compliance to mandatory building regulations, and health and safety protection of general public and adjacent communities. 

Mapping Material Sustainability Issues to GRI Aspects


The physical properties of all AIDF 1’s properties have three levels of security as listed below:

  • Level 1: Security of compound / external areas. CCTVs and frequent guard patrolling are in place to detect breaches.
  • Level 2: Security of common areas within buildings. Security measures at this level include CCTVs, Security Access System and frequent guard patrolling.
  • Level 3: Security of areas under the purview of tenants. Individual tenant will have their own security access system to secure their space.
Customer Privacy

The Property Manager’s information security system, policies, and procedures are aligned with the AREAs Group Information Security Policy (“AGISP”) to protect customer information and ensure services to tenants are not compromised. A data loss prevention (“DLP”) system will be implemented to protect confidential data in the below areas:

  1. Monitoring sensitive data copied out from corporate devices
  2. Logging web interactions 3. Raising alerts as well as facilitating early risk detection and mitigation

The Manager believes that effective corporate governance is critical to its performance as manager of AIDF 1. Thus, it has adopted a comprehensive and robust corporate governance framework which aligns with prevailing laws and regulations.


The Manager believes environmental sustainability is a key cornerstone for business and actively ensures continuous improvements are made on environmental performance. Each AIDF 1 property will be evaluated thoughtfully and managed prudently. The Manager has set the goals of achieving compliance with Malaysia’s GBI Green Mark certified rating, or their equivalent, for all new projects.

Based on the concept of operational control, AIDF 1 is responsible for the environmental performance of its on-site offices and common areas in multi-tenanted properties such as corridors, perimeter lighting and centralised building facilities. For single-tenanted properties as well as leased space in multi-tenanted properties, the responsibility for the environmental performance is assumed by the tenants. Energy and water consumed by the landlord and the tenants are separately accounted for through the installation of sub-meters.


Human Capital
 Recognising that people are its greatest asset, the Manager is committed to develop its workforce. The Manager adheres to fair employment practices and provides equal opportunities to recruitment and career development. There is zero tolerance towards any discrimination against gender, ethnicity or age in all policies. The Manager complies with all the laws of Malaysia regarding employment.

Staff Training
 The Manager is committed to nurture a strong talent pool to drive further growth and create value for AIDF 1. This is done by way of supporting training and development of its staff through courses and seminars as well as training through coaching and on the job exposure. In relation to formal training, the Manager holds a Capital Markets Service (“CMS”) Licence as governed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. As a CMS Licence holder, the Manager needs to maintain high levels of professional expertise through adequate and effective training. These include Investment Management, Asset Management, Financing, Investor Relations and Marketing, and others


Safety forms an integral aspect of AIDF 1’s operations. The protection of the general public and adjacent communities is important to the Manager’s employees, AIDF 1’s tenants, contractors and the communities who use and visit its properties.
The Property Manager is committed to ensure that activities are performed with high regards to the prevention of ill health and injury, compliance with legal and other requirements, and the achievement of WSH excellence through the implementation of the following:

  1. Mandatory risk assessments prior to start of any work activity
  2. Periodic safety awareness training for employees
  3. Safety induction courses for new employees
  4. Mandatory undertaking of contractors on health and safety management systems
  5. Ensuring contractors have CIDB Registration and comply with DOSH requirements, and
  6. Information campaigns through posters and visual aids at AIDF 1’s properties.
The Property Manager will be forming a safety committee which tracks the safety performances of buildings. The committee assigns internal auditors to visit properties periodically to identify safety lapses and share best practices on safety systems and processes. External auditors are engaged to perform independent OHSAS audits annually.
Safety Training

All site staff at AIDF’s properties are trained on safety. There are standard operating procedures in place for safety situations. In addition, the Property Manager works closely with the local health authorities to identify and remediate hot spots for dengue fever. As per Malaysian legislation, fire drills are conducted twice a year by a fire safety manager appointed for each building.

The Property Manager has a target of achieving zero reportable workplace-related incidents


Customer satisfaction is a key driver of performance. The Property Manager and the Customer Relationship management team maintain close interaction with tenants and gather essential feedback for improvement through various initiatives


The manager of AIDF 1 has always been a strong advocate of corporate social responsibility, and believes in giving back to the community-at-large through the support of various social causes.